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Inbuilt Wood Heaters

Posted by Ruby Meers on

Give your home luxury, warmth and elegance with high-quality inbuilt wood heaters. At Ultimate, our legendary wood heaters are the perfect choice for a custom living space, master bedroom, private bath or covered patio. With high-performance features, modern design elements, great heating range and a large viewing area, Ultimate wood heaters are ideal for your family's needs.

What Are Inbuilt Wood Heaters?

Wood fires include inbuilt, insert and free-standing options. An inbuilt wood heater is a wood fire designed to fit smoothly into a wall in your home. This design is also called zero clearance. Before this kind of heater can be installed, you need a contractor to frame the space.

On the other hand, free-standing wood fires are independent models, like cast-iron stoves. They can be installed in any part of a living space.

What Is the Difference Between an Inbuilt Wood Heater and a Wood Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert can make a traditional fire more efficient and modern. Inserts fit into existing masonry, which can save you some money. Inbuilt wood heaters require remodelling or new construction for installation, but they provide exceptional features.

What Are the Benefits of Inbuilt Wood Heaters?

A wood-burning heater can make evenings at home more enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable:

  • Efficiency: An inbuilt wood heater is far more energy efficient than traditional wood heat. Normally, wood fires only provide 10% efficiency. Modern zero clearance models can reach 50% or more.
  • Family safety: With an enclosed firebox from the factory, inbuilt wood heaters stay safe on the outside. Low emissions mean your family can breathe easily.
  • Heating output: With a three-speed fan, an inbuilt wood heater can radiate far. Your family gets solid heating during cooler months.
  • Design flexibility: Zero clearance options complement modern design styles. Whether you love minimalist, country comfort or rustic styles, we have wood heaters to suit your vision.

You can choose the location, heat output, size and room ambiance. We have a wide range of wood heating options to choose from.

Do You Need Shipping?

We offer $100 Melbourne Metro Delivery or FREE pick up at your nearest store. Australia-wide delivery for heating products can be organised after any online purchase. Delivery charges apply.

Why Choose Ultimate Inbuilt Wood Heaters?

At Ultimate, we create luxury wood heaters that you can trust. Find modern styles with superb heating capabilities that meet Australian standards. Shop beautiful inbuilt wood heaters online or visit your nearest location right away.

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