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Free Standing Wood Heaters

Posted by Ruby Meers on
Most people enjoy the warmth and ambiance that wood fires provide. Unfortunately, not all homes have built-in fireplaces. Ultimate Wood Heaters has the ideal solution. You can enjoy a wood fire anywhere in your living space when you choose one of our free-standing wood heaters.

Inbuilt Wood Heaters

Posted by Ruby Meers on
Give your home luxury, warmth and elegance with high-quality inbuilt wood heaters. At Ultimate, our legendary wood heaters are the perfect choice for a custom living space, master bedroom, private bath or covered patio. With high-performance features, modern design elements, great heating range and a large viewing area, Ultimate wood heaters are ideal for your family's needs.

How To Tell If The Flue Damper Is Open On Your Wood Heater

Posted by Ultimate Showroom on

Wood heaters provide natural and comforting heat but when the flue is blocked by the damper, the smoke and harmful gasses from the fire cannot be drawn through to the outside world and instead may...

How To Keep A Fire Burning All Night

Posted by Ultimate Showroom on

If you are an expert at how to start and maintain a wood fire and are a wizard at choosing the right sized log for your freestanding or inbuilt wood heater, then the next step...

What Is Seasoned Firewood And Why Is It Necessary?

Posted by Ultimate Showroom on
3 Min Read

Wood Heaters Terminology

Posted by Ultimate Showroom on

Gain a better understanding of our key terms and phrases within the wood heater industry and products. Appliance For Ultimate Fires products, an appliance is used to describe our range of Wood Fires. It can,...

The Best Types Of Wood To Burn

Posted by Ultimate Showroom on

Are you struggling to find the perfect timber to burn in your wood heater, well here’s a guide on picking the best wood to burn. Australia is a big country. Much of it is vast...