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Wood Heaters Terminology

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Gain a better understanding of our key terms and phrases within the wood heater industry and products.


For Ultimate Fires products, an appliance is used to describe our range of Wood Fires. It can, however, be used to label such things as a wood-burning stove or other freestanding or wall-based wood burning products.


Clearance is the measurement of a minimum distance (air space) between an appliance such as an in-built fireplace up against a combustible surface, such as an inner wall, timber framing.


The damper is a metal or ceramic plate that is used to control airflow between the firebox and the flue. Opening the damper via a handle or lever mechanism allows byproducts to escape and air/oxygen to keep your fire sustainable. Closing it (or partially closing it) will prevent heat loss and maintain room temperature warmth.


Efficiency measures the percentage of heat released into a room space rather than it being released out through a wood fire's vent/exhaust.


The Firebox describes the inner chamber of a woodfire, where firewood combustion occurs.


The venting mechanism to extract byproducts from the woodfire external to the dwelling is called the Flue. Its main job is to extract in the most efficient way, avoiding heat loss as much as possible.


The hearth is the slab which is located at the foot of the fireplace. Typically they are made of hard-wearing materials and are placed on top of existing floor surface, designed to absorb the spread of heat through the bottom of a fireplace. Like the Mantel, Hearths are suitable for wood fire or gas fire appliances and comes in many different designs.


A fireplace insert is designed to fit into an existing fireplace and is suitable for both wood and gas fires. Its purpose is to improve upon a traditional older fire place, particularly in the areas of decor, efficiency and prevention of heat loss.


The mantel (or mantelpiece) is the shelf/ledge that sits above a fireplace. It is suitable for wood fire or gas fire appliances and comes in many different designs.


This is the area along the top and sides of a fireplace. The surround can also include the mantel and hearth (described separately below).

Zero Clearance

Zero clearance appliances can be installed into a wall space with a safety provision built-in, meaning it is unnecessary to factor in a clearance measurement (see clearance, above).

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